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Ohio's Professional Experts in:

Residential & Commercial

Roofing • Chimney • Gutters • Siding • Driveways • Patios  • Masonry

Welcome to Skyridge Roofing & Masonry.



We have all your roofing needs covered from inspections, repairs to complete new roofs. Schedule with us today  for a free estimate.

During the winter season we even clean snow and ice off your roof to keep it strong from damages due to ice and pressure placed on it.

Keeping your roof look and working good for an extended period of time.

Complete Chimney Services

Full Chimeny service from inspections, repairs to complete new rebuilds keeping your home and family safe while also keeping your home energy efficent.

We are also experienced professionals with building, repairing and servicing fireplaces in your homes with the latest techniques and materials availible on the market.

Driveways & Patios

We repair and install new drives from small, large and custom sizes and designs that are repaired or created with professionals that are top in this industry and using only the best materials.

Have us create that custom patio to enjoy your home with your loved ones all year around or have us repair your patio.

Siding & Gutters

Years of siding experience we have the best siding materials and techniques to get your home looking good again and protect your home against the outside elements.

We repair and install a wide variety of gutters and systems that work with gutters to keep your homes foundation safe from being damaged from water.

Complete Masonry Services

We create, work with and repair all types of brick, motor, chimney, fireplaces and other masonry structures such as brick and concrete walls

The faster you call a professional for a free estimate and have your masnory issues repaired the more affordable it is in the long run.


The Skyridge Way:

Being a small business that is located in Northeast Ohio we are proud to serve our neighbors in each of our communities. Here at Skyridge Roofing & Masonry. What you will find a small family owned business that is dedicated to each customer individually and to the smallest details on all work we do for them no job is too small or large for our professional experts.
With that dedication Skyridge Roofing & Masonry you’ll experience quicker, more reliable communications with the company staff and owner. No more just being a number or just another customer. No more talking to the middleman or someone behind a telephone.
That is The Skyridge Way of Doing Business with each customer.

Samples of Skyridge Quality:


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